Steering the Way: GAPUSPINDO’s Pivotal Role in Shaping Indonesia’s Beef Industry

GAPUSPINDO, the Indonesian Beef Cattle Producers Association, is a central figure in Indonesia’s beef industry, collaborating closely with key stakeholders such as the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, DAFF Australia, MLA, and various cattle importers and exporters. This influential organization plays a significant role in shaping policies and advocating for the nation’s beef cattle sector.

Funded primarily through annual levies from its members, GAPUSPINDO emphasizes the importance of these stakeholders in supporting its initiatives. Membership is open to feedlot owners, offering flexibility in the types of cattle reared and in live cattle importation, subject to Indonesian government regulations.

Located in Grand Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, GAPUSPINDO operates with a modest staff, focusing on impactful programs like managing the Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) forum and facilitating a vaccination program for Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD), which is crucial given that the Indonesian Government allows private companies to purchase FMD vaccines only through organizations like GAPUSPINDO.

GAPUSPINDO’s influence is evident, with more than 20 feedlots in its membership and a legacy spanning over 15 years. The recent re-election of most board members for the 2023-2027 term highlights its stable and influential position. However, this continuity might pose challenges for the younger generation’s involvement in decision-making roles.

Recent activities further demonstrate GAPUSPINDO’s active role:

  1. Diversification of Cattle Import Sources: The association has asked the Indonesian government to consider importing feeder cattle from various sources in response to rising Australian cattle prices, which are contributing to high local beef prices [[]]
  2. Stance on Frozen Meat Imports: GAPUSPINDO has urged the government to rethink its strategy on importing frozen meat, advocating for feeder cattle imports as a more economically beneficial option [[]]
  3. Efforts to Reduce Beef Prices: Despite importing significant quantities of buffalo meat to reduce beef prices, these efforts have not been successful, as per GAPUSPINDO’s observation [[]]
  4. Collaboration with ALEC: GAPUSPINDO maintains a strong relationship with the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC), working together to address challenges in the live cattle industry and ensure the continuity of the cattle trade [[]]

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