Social Enterprise.

A key focus for IMPETUS is in Asian abattoirs (facilities where animals are slaughtered for meat production).

Abattoirs can pose a significant risk to animal welfare if proper handling and slaughter practices are not followed. The nature of the work makes these highly important but highly neglected space for animal welfare improvements in Asia.

We explore novel investments with the focus on programs that can be run commercially and scale their impact for animal welfare in the region.

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Improving transport, movement and slaughter for livestock throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Impetus Animal Welfare is a not-for-profit with the purpose of preventing or relieving the suffering of animals

Abattoirs are a key component in the life cycle of production livestock, and areas of significant risk to animal welfare. Poor slaughter and handling practices at the abattoir can result in exceptionally poor animal welfare.

What we do.


Integration through competition.

Support commercial abattoirs to evolve and in the process consolidate large volumes of livestock movements through high animal welfare supply chains.


No animals left behind

No animals left behind.

Leverage proven intervention strategies to drive positive change at the traditional abattoir level.


Raise the standard.

Raise the standard.

Support large commercial businesses through their development cycle, embedding improved animal welfare practices at every step.

Technical, Commercial, Experienced.

Working hand in hand with governments and commercial companies throughout the supply chain to create an impetus for large scale reform of the abattoir sector in Asia-Pacific.