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Pak Handi works for Berkah Citra Argo in Indonesia. They are a subsidiary company of Citra Agro Buana Semesta (CABS) which is a feedlot company that imports Australian cattle and has been operating since around 1994. The feedlot is located in Malangbong, Garut, West Java.

We discuss Ramadan with Handi, how it impacts on buying behaviours and peak supple periods. We also talk about his challenges with establishing a profitable business in market that is still largely a traditional market.

Their modern meat shop called Agro Meat Shop is located in Bandung and has operated since 2012. The meat shop focuses on Halal, fresh and hygienic meat and most of the products are from slaughtering CABS cattle and sheep although they do trade some Buffalo meat. In 2019 they established “It’s Nice to Meat You” resturant next to the meat shop, with the concept of “Farm to Table”, where all beef and lamb served is from our own integrated supply chain.

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