January 2024: Australia-South East Asia Market Stats

106,456,799.05 kg of meat exported in December

Top 20 Destinations of Australian meat exports for December  2023 and Year to Date

Southeast Asia has seen some impressive growth in several countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. This suggests a rising demand for meat in the region and the rebounding economies. This is despite local anecdotal claims that there are still significant cost of living impacts on consumer demands.

Grass fed beef maintains its status as the most preferred option across all countries. In Southeast Asia this is largely driven by price and consumer preference for lean meat. Marbled meat has a place in some steak restaurants but in general has a niche market without a significant margin for everyday consumers.

The overriding trend is for consistency and there will always be a need to build consistent quality through brands in the region, even if it is for A beef. For some countries like Vietnam, the domination of price driven traders has made building brand presence for the long term a challenge.

Japan has outperformed China in year-to-date meat trades, showcasing a robust performance in the current month’s trade. However, it’s worth noting that despite this success, Japan’s year-to-date year-over-year (YTD YOY) performance is 3.5% lower than that of the previous year.

Source: MLA

Annual meat exports to top 20 destination countries for the last five years

Source: MLA

Monthly meat exports – Southeast Asia

Source: MLA

Long term annual total meat exports – Southeast Asia

Source: MLA

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