Impetus Animal Welfare: A Practical Approach to Livestock Welfare in Asia-Pacific

Established in 2023, Impetus Animal Welfare is an Australian based not-for-profit organization designed to create significant, practical improvements in animal welfare within the livestock sector. Drawing inspiration from the Eyes On Animals organization in The Netherlands, known for their collaborative work in abattoirs, Impetus is replicating and extending this model of improvement and oversight to Australia and Southeast Asia.

The Genesis and Vision

The formation of Impetus is rooted in the founders’ extensive experience in the live export industry. Both Dr. Patching and Coole are well-versed in the nuances of animal welfare and change, holding Masters in International Animal Welfare Ethics and Law from the University of Edinburgh. Their approach goes beyond typical advocacy, focusing instead on tangible changes and practical solutions within all livestock industries.

Operational Focus and Activities

Impetus’s operations are not limited to end-of-life scenarios in abattoirs but extend across the spectrum of animal welfare in the livestock industry. The organization’s activities are categorized into three main streams:

  1. Asia-Pacific Region: Here, the focus is on working with regulated industries, particularly on implementing animal welfare practices in larger businesses. A key goal is the dissemination of knowledge on practices like stunning in abattoirs beyond large or regulated businesses to the wider industry.
  2. Australian Operations: In Australia, Impetus provides external oversight in abattoirs. This includes digital and physical training, employing technology for objective measurements (like CCTV and AI), and exploring electrical stunning methods compatible with Halal requirements.
  3. Biosecurity: A critical and often overlooked area, Impetus ensures that during disease outbreaks, businesses have appropriate control programs in place, including for mass euthanasia.

Approach and Impact

Impetus’s strategy is centered on practical and business focused interventions that deliver immediate and impactful benefits to animals within the livestock production system. This method aligns with the rising global demand for improved animal welfare standards and the global demand for animal proteins.

Collaboration and Influence

The organization believes in a collaborative approach, building networks with governments, companies, and other stakeholders to drive change. This change is not limited to policy alterations but extends to practical shifts in industry practices and cultural perceptions.

But we don’t focus on standards and policy writing or research. They work to support business change.

The Road Ahead

Recognizing the growing consumer awareness of animal welfare, especially among the younger demographic in the Asia-Pacific region, Impetus is committed to influencing not just practices but the entire supply chain and industry standards toward improved animal welfare.

For more detailed information about Impetus Animal Welfare’s mission, strategies, and the founders’ background, visit their website at Impetus Animal Welfare.

If you have relevant work in either Australia or Asia then reach out at

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