Oct 2023: Australia-South East Asia Market Stats

Some data visualizations for everyone to please use and credit. Our statistics are based off official data where possible, but will also use sense checked unofficial data when it is credible. We are building out more visualizations for other countries to be able to relate what is happening from a

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Skin Deep Issues Updated: LSD and Aus – Indo Relationships

The original article was published on Beef Central on 6/9/23 The days following the publication of the above article in Beef Central the Australian Government officials visited Indonesia and were able to negotiate a resumption of trade including to the 7 suspended facilities. On the 9th Sept 2023 criteria was

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Alta – The New Home to the SE Asia Beef Report

Thank you for everyone that has been patient. There have been lots of changes over the last 12 months for the SE Asia Beef Report and myself. Since Dr Ross Ainsworth pretended to retire again I have been trying to explore new ways to build the capability to bring more

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