Vietnam Animal Welfare

Vietnam’s Animal Welfare Journey Vietnam’s progress in animal welfare, particularly in the livestock sector, has been noteworthy over the past few years. Since 2015 Vietnam has been Australia’s second-largest market for feeder and slaughter beef cattle exports after Indonesia. This partnership has led to important developments. New Animal Welfare Standards

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January 2024: Australia-South East Asia Market Stats

106,456,799.05 kg of meat exported in December Top 20 Destinations of Australian meat exports for December  2023 and Year to Date Southeast Asia has seen some impressive growth in several countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. This suggests a rising demand for meat in the region and the rebounding

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Dec 2023: Australia-South East Asia Market Stats

60,305 cattle exported in November Destination of Australian cattle exports for November 2023 and Year to Date Indonesia, being a major destination for live cattle exports from Australia, shows a decline in Monthly Total, suggesting a potential decrease in demand. Further investigation into factors such as import regulations, economic conditions,

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