Exploring the Exciting World of Livestock and AgTech Events in Australia

Australia is set to host a series of dynamic events that bring together industry experts, researchers, and enthusiasts to showcase the latest advancements in livestock farming and agricultural technology. These events offer a unique platform to explore cutting-edge solutions, exchange knowledge, and foster collaborations that will shape the future of farming in Australia and beyond. Let’s delve into the exciting world of livestock and agTech events taking place in Australia in 2023 and 2024

1. FoodPro (23 – 26 July 2023)
FoodPro Melbourne 2023 is a prominent international food and beverage industry event currently taking place in Melbourne, Australia. It brings together industry professionals, showcases the latest trends and innovations, and provides networking and educational opportunities. The event features a diverse range of exhibitors, seminars, and workshops, attracting a global audience from food manufacturers to retailers. It serves as a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, business connections, and exploring new opportunities in the food and beverage sector.

2. The AgTech Summit (23 – 24 August 2023)

The AgTech Summit 2023 in Australia is scheduled to be held on 23-24 August at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, Sydney. This highly anticipated event will convene leaders, farmers, innovators, researchers, universities, and government bodies to explore the evolving AgTech landscape and investment opportunities. With a focus on addressing key sector challenges and the increasing demand for technological advancements in agriculture, the summit will facilitate discussions on leveraging technology to address consumer concerns. Attendees will benefit from insightful case studies showcasing innovation and successful initiatives within the AgTech space.

3. AgriFutures evokeAG (20-21 February 2024)

AgriFutures evokeAG. 2024 is the premier agrifood tech event in the Asia Pacific region. Held in Perth on February 20-21 at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre, it brings together farmers, innovators, investors, researchers, corporates, and government to foster collaboration and showcase cutting-edge agricultural technologies. The event features keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions, providing insights and networking opportunities. With an online community complementing the physical event, evokeAG. extends engagement beyond the two days, facilitating year-round collaboration.

By fostering knowledge sharing, facilitating collaborations, and promoting innovation, these events play a crucial role in propelling the Australian AgTech and livestock industry forward, ensuring its continued growth, resilience, and sustainability.

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