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We are also excited about the future of technology. What will the next horizon be? What will AI or Web 3.0 offer us?

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Facial Verification & Recognition in Livestock

We are working with Sydney University to develop commercial facial verification in cattle, sheep, and goats. We have already successfully validated the ability to read cattle faces using Deep Neural Networks and Metric approach in cattle.

We envisage a not too distant future where satellites and CCTV cameras will be able to read the faces of livestock creating a real time and tag-less system.

EdTech -
For Applied Workflow Training

We are working with Singapore Polytechnic to develop and validate an eLearning system using short videos and video emulation technology (similar to Tic Tok) for ongoing cognative behaviour change “nudging” in practical environments, includes in farms and abattoirs.

The technology has specific relevance for regulatory compliance, for social license in high risk sectors, and for demonstrating change for NGOs and researchers.