Alta – The New Home to the SE Asia Beef Report

Thank you for everyone that has been patient. There have been lots of changes over the last 12 months for the SE Asia Beef Report and myself.

Since Dr Ross Ainsworth pretended to retire again I have been trying to explore new ways to build the capability to bring more value to those that are subscribed. I need your help to guide me on the content that is useful for you and interesting to read. Please send me a note and tell me what works and what is missing.

This updated newsletter was planned for about 6 months ago, but good things take time.

Alta is my parent company which now has several market analysts through Asia and a growing network of contributors and informants. We have also just put on a full time data analyst to help display some of the data that we have either built or been able to create.

If you would like to become part of the formal team of people providing information then please reach out to me personally and we will find a way to get your message out to the wider community.

In future articles I am especially keen to:

  • Showcase products or distributors that work specifically in Asia, and that may be hard to find or are innovative
  • Tell some personal stories of businesses and people that are doing great (or just different) things
  • Improve our data visualizations for trade and demand
  • Explain some of the nuances of the livestock and meat trade in Asia
  • What else do you want to see…?

Again, thank you for your support.

Dr Michael Patching and the Team at Alta

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