ALTA Food and Agriculture Pte Ltd was founded as an agricultural consultancy company and trade intermediary for South East Asia during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alta has already undergone many iterations in its short journey in a never ending search for meaning, relevance, and impact.

Using our networks to share information and support the meat and livestock community in South East Asia seems like the logical next step. And we love having you part of our now collective journey.

Dr Michael Patching

Michael’s personal values are Integrity, Respect, and Compassion. And he embodies that through his animal welfare advocacy work, knowing that livestock will continue to be farmed, and animals will continue to be eaten in our lifetime.
Into the meat and livestock sector in Asia, Michael brings over 8 years living and directly working in Asian markets, and more than 10 through other consultancy work. He is a vet, a software developer, a master connector, understands and has been involved in the meat and livestock supply chain from production all the way to product sales so is a master generalist.

Michael wants to share his passion for meat and livestock with anyone that wants to listen.