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Welcome to Alta Food and Agriculture. Subscribe today for exclusive, real-time analysis and commentary on the meat and livestock sector in Asia and the Pacific. Stay ahead of industry trends and make informed decisions with our expert insights. Join our community now and be a part of the future of animal proteins. This is also the new home for the SE Asia Beef Report.

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Consulting, Trade & Market Access.

Consulting, Trade & Market Access.

At Alta, our community approach empowers companies to tap into the collective knowledge and resources of our members and to find solutions, to access new markets, deal with trade issues, or find potential business partners.

When the challenges are more complex, our team is here to provide expert consultancy services with a practical, solution-focused approach.


Market Insights and Analysis.

Market Insights and Analysis.

At Alta, we stay informed and provide up-to-date insights and market values through our regional staff and collaboration with key industry leaders.

We are constantly seeking out contributors to our network. If you would like to contribute information and insights, please reach out to us, and we will give credit for your contributions.